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Web Hosting & Technology Reviews

HostGator and Joomla Hosting – a Match Made in Heaven?

Joomla, a free, open-source content management system, is generally agreed by all to be pretty cool, and now powers almost 3% of all websites on the Internet.  It enables you to build websites and powerful applications, and is offered by Houston hosting giant HostGator with 100% compatible Joomla hosting on tens of thousands of their sites already.  Since its establishment in 2002, HostGator has grown to be one of the largest providers of web hosting service with clients in over 200 countries.  It offers shared, reseller and dedicated hosting packages for as little as $3.96 a month.

Joomla, now the most popular of all website software available, is generally stated to be easy to use for any website designer or developer.  This award-winning content management system written in PHP that uses a MySQL database, boasts extensibility, and of course is open source and freely available to all.  The 2011 version of Joomla includes the facility to install a more complex extension with one package, plus there are options to update Joomla and its extensions automatically. This new version also features SEO improvements that will enable your website to be indexed by Google and other search engines, and rank further up the results page without installing third party SEO extensions.

But this software is not without its problems.  The manual installation of Joomla is well known to be complicated, time-consuming and fraught with pitfalls, so it will be a relief to anyone who uses HostGator hosting or is thinking of doing so, to learn that the hosting provider offers a single-click installation of Joomla requiring no technical knowledge and taking less than five minutes to perform from start to finish. They give their clients a cPanel tool to manage their hosting account with Fantastico integrated in it.

One HostGator review says Joomla runs smoothly on HostGator’s configured servers, and will be suitable for small to medium-sized websites with medium traffic, and HostGator boasts a support department with a team trained to tackle any Joomla problems quickly, as part of their promised 24/7 tech support, available as free telephone, email or live chat.

Joomla boasts many features attractive to web designers and developers; easy installation does not seem to be one of them.  If HostGator combines a one-click installation with their other advantages of pricing and superior tech support, this would seem to be a match made in heaven.  So far there are no reviews to the contrary.