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Web Hosting & Technology Reviews

iPage Review

Webhosting companies are known to offer similar service to their customers with the difference being in the way the services are offered. Many customers value services that are of quality and are able to fit their needs at present and in the future without them having to incur a lot of costs. Ipage is a webhosting company that has been in existence for over a decade and has remained relevant because of the benefits that they offer their clients that they cannot get with other webhosting companies in the market. The staff at iPage has a lot of experience that they have gathered over the years thereby creating a sense of credibility in the minds of their customers.

This iPage review site highlights the various benefits that customers on this webhosting company are provided with on a regular basis. One of the key benefits that sets iPage apart is the reliability that they guarantee the customers who have their websites hosted on their servers. Another guarantee that increases their credibility is the 99.9% uptime that they offer their clients so that visitors to the website can always access it when they need to.

For customers on shared hosting which is referred to as the Essential package and targets small businesses, there are unique features that are of benefit to the website owner. These features include business e-mails and databases, disk space as well as bandwidth that are unlimited among others. Furthermore, the webhosting company uses a control panel known as vDeck which is simple and easy to use.

Lastly, is the reliable customer support that is provided to the customer in times that the website is experiencing technical difficulties in regard to the hosting account. The technicians at iPage are well trained and can sort out any problem for a customer.