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What You Can Expect In A BlueHost Review

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Published on Thursday, 23 August 2012 21:13
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There are certain people who will try a product or service and will write a lengthy review to give all of the points on the service. A BlueHost review takes all the points of the website hosting company BlueHost and shares with its readers the in and outs of the company. It also tells them what they can expect from the company before they decide to go with BlueHost. Some of the things you will see in a BlueHost review are the prices, the features you will get, and whether the setup is simple or not. BlueHost is one of the oldest hosting companies found online and has been in service since 1996. Its longevity is part of the reason for why it is still popular. This length of service also makes their network one of the strongest to unite with.

The prices matter when it comes to a BlueHost review because before people spend their money on a service, they want to know if it is worth it, or if they can find cheaper prices somewhere else. With all hosting companies there are various plans you can choose from, and these plans come with different features. If you pay only for a yearly plan there are certain features you will not receive if you pay for two years. For both of these you can either pay the full price or monthly. BlueHost has one major plan that it uses, which it is a three-year plan of $6.95 a month. However, there are discounts on the regular price and you can pay $3.95 a month for either a two year or three year plan, or you can pay $4.95 per month for a yearly plan. Having the prices available in a BlueHost review helps people to decide on whether they should use the service or not, and usually the cheaper the prices, the more people will want to buy the service.

Another thing people look to expect in a BlueHost review is a list of the features – what they will get with it. Unlike other hosting companies, BlueHost has one package plan but different pricings, so depending on what you pay you can get more features. Many other companies have more than one plan available to choose from, with each having their different features. Some of the key features you will see in a BlueHost review include 1500GB of disk space, 15000GB a month data transfer/bandwidth, and unlimited domains hosted on one account. This last feature is one of the things that makes BlueHost unique because you can host as many domains and sub-domains as you want under one account. Many other companies make you have to buy separate accounts for separate domains and sub-domains. Other features that you get when you sign up for BlueHost include one free domain when you first purchase your account, easy to use control panel, and free domain WHOIS privacy. The numerous features you obtain when you become a BlueHost member are one of the many reasons for the company one of the top hosting companies around today.